Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 1: 5 items

I did pretty well yesterday. Only 5 non-recyclable, non-compostable items. (The bag is not part of the trash. It's actually what I'm hoping to fit ALL my trash into for the next 10 days!) Two of the items, the eye drop container and the Efferdent wrapper (which I use to clean my retainers, NOT dentures!) will be daily additions to the bag. The Efferdent wrapper is lined with foil, so it's not recyclable.

I could have done better if I'd thought to bring a cloth napkin to work with me yesterday. So I ended up using a paper napkin and a paper towel. I let the paper towel dry out on my desk and used it multiple times. My co-workers think I'm crazy. I'm not putting the towel or napkin in the compost because I've heard that chlorine-bleached paper is not good for compost. Is this true?

The Rosenblum Cellars wine cork is plastic. I've added this brand to my ongoing wine list and won't be buying it again.

For most of the day, the entire bag of trash fit in my pants pocket, so I could carry it unobtrusively. Now, with the wine cork, it might bulge too much. Oh well.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to add only the eye drops and Efferdent wrapper. I went out for lunch today and remembered to bring a bandana with me to use as a napkin. The table was already set with paper napkins, so I returned mine to the napkin basket on the counter. I almost grabbed a paper towel in the restaurant bathroom after washing my hands, but remembered the bandana just in time and used it instead. (And Michael, if the bathroom door handle is one of those long ones, you can just push it down with your elbow.)

Today is not a work day, so the trash bag fits into the baggy pants I'm wearing.


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