Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 4: 4 items - 4 items = 0 items

The trash for yesterday included a ball of laundry lint (our clothes contain some synthetic fibers, so the lint is not compostable), some tape that I used for the plastics display at the farmer's market yesterday, and the standard Efferdent wrapper and eye drops container.

But I also realized that while I may not want to put the paper plates, towel, and napkin from the past couple of days into my own composter, I CAN put them in the city's green compost bin. So out of the bag they go and into the bin. I still can't reduce the size of my bag because of that danged plastic cake bottom.

And yes, I have been carrying my bag with me, but it fits into my backpack so no one has to see it. Is that cheating?


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