Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day 9: 2 items

Once again, the same 2 items.

Went to a potluck birthday party last night and had a near miss. I brought ingredients to make guacamole and was oh so careful about saving vegetable waste to bring home and compost. The same with a paper napkin I used. While others were eating from paper plates with plastic cutlery and drinking from plastic cups, I surreptitiously got a regular plate, fork, and glass from the cupboard. The host is someone I know very well. You couldn't do this sort of thing at just any party.

But funny things happen as the night wears on, the mood is jovial, and the libations are flowing. Someone asked me if I wanted a gin and tonic, and I said, "Sure!" All of a sudden I was holding a plastic cup in my hand, and what could I do? Pour it out? Well, another guest with whom I'd been discussing plastic and garbage whispered, "Let's wash and dry them really well and put them back in the package like they were never used." And that's what we did.

Is that cheating?

And as far as that foil chocolate bar wrapper from a few days ago, Radical Garbageman thinks I shouldn't have put it in the recycling. He would know, since he works in the industry. But in my defense, I do want to clarify that the wrapper was definitely foil, not mylar. It was almost as thick as the aluminum foil that comes in a box. And it bent like that kind of foil, too. It didn't look like it was mixed with any kind of paper. And I cleaned it off really well.

In any case, it's too late because it's already been picked up. So maybe it'll get through with the rest of the metal. Maybe not. Is it better to put it in the recycling bin just in case or toss it in the garbage? What do you think?


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