Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 10: 3 items, THE FINALE

I brought a delicious pear tart from Market Hall to Mea & Jerry's Honey Harvest party and had to bring home the foil-covered cardboard underneath it. I did peel the foil off the cardboard and put the soiled cardboard into our green compost bin.

So, that's it for my 10-day trash challenge. In all, 3.0 ounces of non-recyclable, non-compostable trash. The plastic pieces will be added to my weekly plastic tally and then rest in plastic limbo. The rest of it goes into the garbage bin.

Here's the collection:

  1. 12 Refresh Endura eye drop containers

  2. 10 Efferdent wrappers

  3. 1 ball of dryer lint

  4. 1 HP printer cartridge package

  5. 1 Safeway Organics cheddar cheese wrapper

  6. 1 Act fluoride rinse bottle cap

  7. 1 Act fluoride rinse neck wrapper

  8. 1 Rosenblum Cellars plastic wine cork

  9. 1 black plastic Just Desserts cake container bottom

  10. 1 gold-painted cardboard cake bottom

  11. 1 gold foil pear tart bottom

  12. 1 piece of brown packing tape
You can listen to my interview with Tess Vigeland, as well as the segment that aired on Friday here.